CADRE is active in assisting development of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practices as an integral part of HIV/AIDS response. We see M&E as a facet of knowledge management, leading to improved use of information in decision-making and programme development. Our support for national, district and local programmes spans a number of countries in the region. Assistance provided includes development of strategies for large-scale civil society and government programmes, training and in-service mentoring, development of M&E systems and protocols, and research on existing systems.

CADRE is frequently called on to assist programmes in understanding their evaluation needs and to develop terms of reference for evaluations. We provide technical assistance for programmes to assist them in managing evaluation processes to the point of using the results of evaluations in project development. CADRE also provides technical assistance for funders to ensure M&E within their supported projects.

Recent and current projects include:

  • Ongoing provision of M&E technical assistance for programmes supported through DFID’s Multisectoral Support Programme in South Africa, Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.
  • Guiding the development of provincial level monitoring and evaluation frameworks in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces of South Africa.
  • Assessment of national M&E capacity in Swaziland as preparation for development of a national M&E system; and assessment of national research environment in Swaziland leading to development of an HIV research strategy.
  • National level HIV/AIDS M&E training programmes in Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia and South Africa in basic principles.
    Numerous focused training programmes on topics including: management of evaluation processes; development of terms of reference for an evaluation; M&E logframe development; and indicator development.
  • Conducting a large number of evaluations including: internal evaluations of its own television drama series; an evaluation of a national local government leader training in South Africa; an evaluation of district health management training; and evaluation for Partnership on HIV and Mobility in Southern Africa.
  • Conducting a number of large-scale evaluative reviews including: review of local government responses to HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa for World Bank Urban and Transport Division; a review of behaviour change programmes in Zimbabwe for UNFPA; and a review of city responses to HIV/AIDS in South Africa for South African Cities Network.

CADRE also occasionally conducts focused projects to monitor the impacts of society-wide programmes on local community. Examples include: A pilot survey of perceptions of Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART) roll-out in partnership with the Virginia Commonwealth University, from a diffusion of innovations perspective; Analysis of the impacts of marketisation of basic services on households caring for people sick with AIDS-related illnesses, with support from Municipal Services Project.

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