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Policy and Strategy Programme

CADRE conducts a range of social, behavioural and epidemiological research in southern Africa. These studies inform policy and strategy in the region. This programme also includes the development and promotion of critical perspectives on the relationship between HIV/AIDS and social contexts through theoretical development, methodology development and rigorous approaches to research.

CADRE has conducted a number of internal policy and strategy reviews for international donor bodies and foundations, and is also involved in drafting and commenting on national and sub-national HIV/AIDS strategies, mainly in southern Africa.

Monitoring and Evaluation Programme

CADRE is active in assisting development of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practices as an integral part of HIV/AIDS response. We see M&E as a facet of knowledge management, leading to improved use of information in decision-making and programme development. Our support for national, district and local programmes spans a number of countries in the region. Assistance provided includes development of strategies for large-scale civil society and government programmes, training and in-service mentoring, development of M&E systems and protocols, and research on existing systems.

HIV/AIDS Communication Programme

CADRE provides support in the field of communication development and communication strategy, and has conducted a range of activities in South Africa and internationally. We develop and promote critical perspectives on the relationship between communication and HIV/AIDS through theoretical development, methodology development and rigorous approaches to research. Additionally, we are involved in the development, production and evaluation of communication interventions.

Local Level HIV/AIDS Response Programme

Local level responses to HIV/AIDS have often been overlooked, yet many of the most successful responses to the epidemic have been led at community level. CADRE conducts research into the role played by grassroots and civil society action in response to HIV/AIDS as well as the relationship between community organisations, funding bodies, national and local government structures, and other institutions involved with AIDS response strategies.