The Lucky Specials

The Lucky Specials is a conceptual sequel to Inside Story, the extremely successful HIV/AIDS awareness film produced in 2011. Using the same technique of intercutting a live action story with animation of what’s going on inside the protagonist’s body, the film makers now turn their attention to demystifying TB, the scourge of poor communities across Southern Africa and to promoting adherence to TB treatment. The goal of the film is to use a combination of live action and animation to significantly increase viewers understanding of how TB works so they can make better health decisions. In addition to each of the primary messages, the film will build a practical understanding of transmission, infection and treatment.

CADRE is the research partner to the producers, Quizzical Pictures, Discovery Learning Alliance and Tangled Bank Studios for the Lucky Specials. Formative research was conducted in the form of case studies with people who have had TB. Key findings were integrated into the storyline and CADRE has conducted pre-testing at various levels: including pre-testing beats and storylines; pre-testing scripts for resonance, accuracy and identification; and pre-testing a rough-cut version of the film, with a particular focus on the clarity of the animation which is focused on the science of TB transmission, and TB treatment.

The film’s target audience are SADC countries, and sub-Saharan Africa. The film is being produced in English, Swahili, French and Portuguese.

The world premiere of the film was on 17 February 2017 in Johannesburg.

The film is currently being broadcast on various television channels and across the world.

The Lucky Specials is funded by PEPFAR, USAID, Management Sciences for Health, Wellcome Trust, Howard Hughes Medical Trust, Discovery Communications, amongst others.

The Lucky Specials has been nominated for several international awards.


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